Around the Cable

Cable Cutter

Mechanical wire and cable cutters.

Hydraulic Cable Cutters, Head Stocks and Pumps

For cables up to 120mm diameter.

Cable and Wire Strippers

For quick and simple stripping of cable and wire sheaths.

Crimping Pliers

Crimping pliers for terminals, connectors, modular plugs and mechanical crimping tools.

Cable Cutter

Hydraulic Crimping Tools and Dies Hydraulic crimping tools, punching tools and dies.

Cable End Sleeves

Insulated/Non-insulated cable end sleeves.

Insulated Cable Terminals

PVC insulated terminals.

Non-insulated Cable Terminals

Socket sleeves (female), connectors, ring-type, notched, clamp-type terminals, insulating sleeves, elastic cable distributors, A1 terminals, A1-Cu terminals, open brass terminals, DIN-terminals.

Cable Accessories

Cable ties, processing tools, adhesive and screw-type sockets, mounting plugs, shrinkable tubes, spiral tubes.

Fish Tapes and Devices

Fish tapes, cable pulling device system.

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